Never-ending adventure in Lisbon city


Never-ending adventure in Lisbon city

Known as one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Western Europe, Lisbon is the energetic capital of Portugal, with stunning shaped buildings and unbelievable cultural heritage harmoniously melting with striking modernism on a fascinating bohemian basis.

Laying across seven abundant perfect hills, Lisbon is the complex expression of unique historical legacy, unaltered beauty, flowering touch of evolution and inextricable corners of dynamism among people and places.

The blue glittering waters surrounding the lovely city of Lisbon recreates the authentic famous atmosphere of old times, dressed in pink, mint and indigo tiles, idyllic pavement and savage nature which embraces the passers by in a dreamy duplicitous state. A city with such a wide golden biography confers an unforgettable subtle pace of time traveling, renascence and also offers the opportunity to live rare delightful experiences.

Aren’t you already anxious to discover the jewel of the crown? Dare to dream and go beyond borders, eager to find addicting places to visit and things to do.

1.Tram to Belém

It’s totally worth visiting Belém for the tram ride, a mysterious district with many attractions. The Jardim da Praça do Império is Europe’s biggest plaza, with refreshing views and peaceful countenance, the absolute place where to get lost. Additionally, the Museu dos Coches holds one of the world’s biggest collection of royal coaches, and Jerónimos monastery shelters arches and columns carefully carved as the filigree silver in every Lisbon jewellery’s.

2. Retro store A Vida Portuguesa

This unusual store is a well preserved chapter of Lisbon’s pages, filled with nostalgia and long forgotten sweet taste of childhood. This incredible place stows beloved retro Portuguese products, such as wool blankets, display cases of lavender water, shaving cream in tubes and even well known soaps our grandmothers used. For foreigners, it might just seem a strange store full with traditional gifts and nice wrapped packages.

3. Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Posing as the new cultural center in the city of Lisbon, the MAAT represents the new refreshing national and international host of exhibitions, consisting of new voices and figures in the world of art and architecture.

4. District of Alfama

One of the oldest quarters of the is Alfama, which extends from the banks of the Tejo up to the imposing castle of St. George. Alfama represents one of the most important touristic attractions, having a blend of Roman and Moorish architecture, infinite narrow streets revealing lovely enchanting houses down to the river and history dust in every corner. In this area, on the hill where Lisbon was first founded, lays the Castle of St. George, reigning over the city and charming its visitors.

5. Unforgettable Costa da Caparica

The wonderful region of Costa da Caparica is the pure expression of modern Portugal, combining both traditional heritage with forward thinking and liberal attitudes.  Costa da Caparica is adored by the Portuguese, but still unknown by foreign tourists. The Costa da Caparica coastline is stunning and very famous for its dazzling widened sandy beach, powerful surfing seas and natural landscape.

No more words are needed for this marvelous destination, only deep feelings and a huge desire to explore and discover each and every one of these existing historical and natural masterpieces. Lisbon sums up entire decades of discoveries, art and cultural movements, representing a rich palette of diversity and fascination. Its incredible variety of landforms expresses this tendency of continuous mobility and never-ending energy, so vivid imprinted in its inhabitants spirit.

It is required a lot of energy and bursting will to visit this picturesque city, filled with warm soul charm and impetus from sunrise to sunset. The most popular way to fulfill your itinerary is to use the well known Lisbon Transfers, in order to rejoice this magical place all day long.

This is the perfect recipe for the most beautiful holiday you could ever enjoy! Don´t have second thoughts and come to this breathtaking city! You won´t regret it!