Boom festival Transport to Idanha a Nova


Hello dear people, that are hugging  their free time, having fun, far from bad news and tough work.  Somewhere close to you all, soon a new festival will rise, again, it is called : BOOM FESTIVAL, from 18th to 21st August, at Idanha A nova lake. What is Boom Festival? Is a large space, made to get together families that are apart during the rest of  the seasons, is a festival when you can find the true color that represents you and your half, is the kind of fun where even babies are enjoying every single vibe Important is to believe that here everything we do, is for your own comfort zone and for relaxing time.

Allow us to present a short picture of what will happen here: We will have a Dance Temple, designed as a synergetic reactor, it provides the ultimate visual and acoustic stimulation for visionary experiences. In tune with the cycles of the Sacred Earth it creates a field of cosmic energy and universal love so powerful that it has an almost physical presence.

The 2nd one, most amazing experience will be Chill out Gardens, inspired by the dialectics between Gardens, art and architecture, and last but not least by modern psychedelic culture, this place provides the perfect setting for physical and mental relaxation.

The 3rd one would be, Alchemy Circle, You might find yourself moving and grooving to Dark Progressive, Neo Trance, Psy Breaks and Psy Techno, Glitch Hop, Psy Bass, Dub, or Progressive Techno… or some kind of hypnotic sound that doesn’t even have a name yet, or another suggestion, the 4th one could be, Being Fields (Former Healing Area) Statements like “It’s a sick society!“ have become all too common. A clear symptom that human beings are loosing touch with nature, with each other, and even with ourselves. The Being Fields at Boom hold the invitation for re-connection to oneself, to others and to Mother Nature. To be in balance and harmony within will ripple to manifest balance and harmony on the outside. Here the invitation is for the journey in.  Here are some suggestion of how to pass some quality time.

Now let`s talk about how to make some economy time, by the way you will need a Boom festival Transport for you and your dear ones to this Festival, and here I come with another suggestion, try to book a transfer with a high well good known company, Lisbon Transfers, that can get you straight to Idanha a Nova, even you came from Lisbon Airport or from some other corner of Portugal.

All these have been said, the rest I recommend to be complete by you, and let me know through a feedback. Have fun and hug your time, is free!